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How to promote your takeaway menu online

The Coronavirus closed all restaurants for seated guests. However, that didn’t stop the hundreds of thousands hungry Danes.

The Coronavirus closed all restaurants for seated guests. However, that didn’t stop the hundreds of thousands hungry Danes to get a restaurant experience at home. Takeaway is no longer a Friday treat, takeaway is now an everyday option.

The growth of the takeaway business will continue in 2021. This is why we have prepared a few tips and tricks to help you boost your takeaway sales online.

So first things first - let people know you are offering takeaway

That’s right! You have to let people know that your restaurant is offering a takeaway service and you have to remind them daily.

It may sound silly, but the reality is that modern users are bombarded with ads left and right every minute of every day. So if you want your business to stay relevant, you have to stay present.

Use your website and social media platforms to announce that you are offering takeaway. Remember to add an updated takeaway menu card, special promotions, your working hours and address.

Be accessible

It’s crucial that people can easily find your takeaway ordering page. Else you end up paying big commissions to third party food delivery channels.

Start by adding your restaurant to Google My Business. This way anyone who looks up your business online, can get an updated information about your restaurant’s website, phone number, working hours and address.

Add your takeaway website and phone number to the descriptions of your social media accounts so people can easily find and check out your takeaway menu.

Leverage social media

Now that the majority of people are home, they spend a lot of time on social media. This is your chance to boost your takeaway sales numbers without paying for advertising.

How to make social media posts that sell?

Start with the visuals. People go on social media to have a good time so tempt them with a picture of your delicious food. Use good lightning, playful angles and strong background colors to capture a picture that will capture the attention.

Write a description that will make the readers drool. Paint a picture of flavors when describing your dish, add a few emojis and remember to use hashtags so your post can be easily discovered by the local foodies.

Extra tip - Add the word “Takeaway” in your visual to provoke people’s interest and add your working hours in the description of the post. Read more tips about how to sell takeaway via Instagram.

When to post on social media?

Undeniably, the best time to post is when people are hungry. However, if every restaurant is following this golden rule then your post will be competing with hundreds of others posts for the client’s attention.

Here is another strategy you can test - share a post with your dinner takeaway offer around 3 pm. Get people excited about food. Then around 5 pm use Facebook and Instagram stories to remind your followers about your delicious offer!

One of our clients, WokPop, provokes in its clients the sense of missing out. “Order now so you can secure a free delivery”

Stay connected

Engaging with customers has never been so important! Especially now when the physical social contacts are limited. The more you “socialize” with your followers, the more likely they are to order from your restaurant. Here are 3 ways to connect with your followers.

  • Make sure to respond to your followers when they contact you with a question and to like their comments under your posts.
  • Include your clients in your stories. Encourage customers to share photos of the takeaway food they have ordered and share their post on your Story.
  • Ask your customers for a review online. Nowadays, reviews are a social proof of the credibility of your business.

Seal the deal with a special offer

Special promotions and discount coupons are one of the best ways to get more customers for your takeaway business.

83% of consumers say they would mostly click an ad if it offers a promotion or discount.

If you think special offers are expensive, think again! Here are two ideas for inexpensive offers you can run.

  • Offer a discount deal on a quiet evening like Monday or Tuesday. This way you will be gaining customers and not giving too much away.
  • Give away products that are soon reaching their expiration date. Do you have a bunch of sodas or snacks in the back that are expiring in a month? Then give them away as a part of a special takeaway offer.

With the help of these practices you can start building your online presence already today. Not only will you boost your takeaway sales, keeping your followers engaged will turn them into regular guests.

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