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8 Easy ways to fill your bar with guests during the European Football Championship

The European Football Championship is one of the biggest events this summer and a fantastic opportunity for you to boost your sales.

The European Football Championship is one of the biggest events this summer and a fantastic opportunity for you to boost your sales. Especially after the corona lockdowns.

The good weather is attracting more and more people to enjoy a cold beer outside and watch the game with friends at the nearby bar.

Here are 8 ways to quickly fill your bar with guests this summer.

PS. Nr 8 is a game changer.

1. Maximize your seating

First things first, make sure you can stream all football games on a big screen or build different sections where your guests can watch from smaller screens. Rearrange the tables so people can see the screens from every seat available. Consider creating an option for people to see the games in your outdoor seating area. Also it’s important to maintain a consistent schedule of the events that will keep people coming in.

2. Decorate your bar

Decorating your café or bar is a great way to get people in. Put out flags, prepare some face paint so people can draw flags on their faces, play football music and make signs with special offers. This will create a great atmosphere around your bar and attract a lot of people to sit down and get a beer, even if they didn't plan to see the game.

3. Create themed menus

Another idea is to create themed menus - for example making a menu with french fries, onion rings, nachos and wings is perfect for watching sports. Other alternatives can be burgers, hotdogs or fish and chips. The bigger the menu offers, the more people you will attract. So instead of focusing on deals for 4 people, create some for 8 or 10 people.

4. Offer discounts

Discounts are the easiest way to attract bigger crowds to your bar. Making a good offer on food or menus will always catch people’s attention. Once people come for the food, they will be ordering drinks throughout the whole game.

Another idea is happy hour on drinks. Run a happy hour just before the game starts. This will fill your bar with people who will most likely stay to watch the whole game.

5. Offer takeaway

Not everyone plans on going to a bar to watch every single game. But that doesn't mean that those people won't be looking for a good takeaway deal to enjoy during the game. Make sure to promote your takeaway options on social media and your website.

6. Get social

Use social media to announce that you are showing the games, any special offers you have and create some extra buzz with a giveaway. Everyone loves a giveaway! Asking people to tag their friends and giving them the opportunity to win a few free beers, is a great way to organically reach new customers.

7. Keep your guests engaged

It’s important to keep people ordering during the game. For example, run “2 beers for the price of 1” for 5 mins every time someone scores a goal. Or have a “10 beers for the price of 8” throughout the whole game.

8. Make it easy to order

No one wants to wait 20 mins at the bar to order a beer and miss out on most of the game. Now is the best time to start offering mobile ordering at your bar. People scan a QR-code and place their order just like they place takeaway orders. The order is registered in your POS system and printed out in the bar. This way your guests get a cold beer in no time, without leaving the table. You prevent crowds on the bar and frustrated guests, because no one is taking their order.

Get started and score a lot of new loyal guests with these tips! If you need an online ordering system, reach out to our team for the best offer on the market.

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