As restaurants reopen, the industry faces yet another challenge - staff shortage

Restaurants all across the country have reopened and are now welcoming hundreds of thousands of guests daily.

Restaurants all across the country have reopened and are now welcoming hundreds of thousands of guests daily. The good weather and sports events have skyrocketed sales in restaurants, cafes and bars. However, restaurant owners are facing a new challenge as COVID restrictions ease.

The industry is experiencing a shortage in staff, as everyone is fighting for employees from a shrunken pool of applicants. As a result, restaurants’ working hours are being limited, bars are closing for new orders when they get too busy, or restaurant owners are forced to pay nearly double the wages.

Why are restaurants having a hard time finding staff right now?

#1 Inexperienced staff

One of the main reasons for the staff shortage is that many people who previously worked in the hospitality sector have found other jobs during the lockdowns. Many of the experienced waiting staff, bartenders and chefs are no longer interested in working in a restaurant.

This means that the majority of people who are applying to work at restaurants are inexperienced and what’s worse, there are not enough people to train them.

#2 COVID-19 created new workplaces

The pandemic created a lot of new workplaces. For example, all types of online shopping boomed during the lockdowns, even grocery shopping is now available online. To handle the increased demand a lot of people were hired in the delivery service sector.

nother example is COVID-19 test centers. Hundreds of them have been opened to the public. This means thousands of new workplaces were created. Workplaces that offer higher average wages than most restaurants or bars do.

#3 Extended benefits for the unemployed

Extended benefits are also affecting the job market. Many people are receiving more benefits than usual or for an extended period of time. Some of those unemployed people are receiving the same or higher amount of benefits compared to if they worked at a restaurant. Therefore, they are not actively looking for jobs.

#4 Holiday season

The summer season is also affecting the pool of work candidates. After corona many resorts have lowered their prices to make sure they will be fully booked this summer. Tour operators are offering cheap vacations and many people are excited to spend this summer vacation traveling instead of working.

How to survive the labour shortage?

First of all, remember to take good care of the team you already have. These people are probably working overtime and picking up extra shifts so that your restaurant can keep running smoothly. Make sure to recognize their efforts and to support them in any way you can.

Second, take advantage of technology. Your restaurant doesn’t need 15 waiters to run between tables and take orders. Your restaurant needs a mobile ordering system that allows your guests to order on their own via their phone. This will free up a lot of your waiters’ time and will eliminate any wrong orders taken in a hurry.

A mobile ordering system will streamline your workflow and make it easier to handle rush hour with less staff. Meaning you will need more staff behind the bar and in the kitchen to complete orders and only a few waiters to bring the orders to the guests.

Integrating your mobile ordering system with your POS system, will also save you a lot of bookkeeping hours. Contact us today to hear more about Quickorder’s mobile ordering system and how it’s integrations will make your life as a restaurant owner easier.

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