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One simple takeaway trick to boost your restaurant’s sales

Ongoing Corona restrictions make it hard for many restaurants to keep up high takeaway sales numbers.

Ongoing Corona restrictions make it hard for many restaurants to keep up high takeaway sales numbers. We have a trick for you that may be the secret to retaining your takeaway guests.

American researchers found out that one of the short-term effects of the pandemic was that restaurants had to increase their average order size due to people’s desire to get more value for their family meals.

Does this mean, the secret to more takeaway sales is an extra portion of fries and dip for every meal menu? If that’s all it takes in America, then why not try it.

Realistically, you will earn a bit less per order but if people see more value for their money ordering from you, then your restaurant will definitely be the preferred takeaway option. More orders mean more profit. This takeaway tip even means that people will create a positive relationship with your brand and will probably visit your restaurant more once the Corona restrictions are lifted.

What else can your restaurant do?

The same study shows that COVID-19 accelerated the consumer’s off-premise restaurant consumption. One of long-term effects that the research concludes is increased demand for grab-and-go and pre-packaged goods.

Grab the opportunity

“Grabbable” meal options mean a lot more business outside of your restaurant’s rush hours. Ready-to-eat meals have evolved from pizza slices to premium options so every restaurant in town should take advantage of this increasing consumer demand.

The key to success with the grab-and-go market is packaging. Make sure that you pack the food in high quality containers. Nothing ruins takeout food as much as poor packaging and spilled food. Also consider investing in microwavable or oven-safe containers if the dish needs reheating.

Speaking of packaging

Adjusting to the consumer changes means investing in packaging and labeling that promotes your restaurant. A good trick would be to add your online ordering website or a QR-code menu to your takeout bags and boxes.

The more people see your restaurant's logo, the more likely they are to get that sudden craving for takeout food and forget all about their home-cooked dinner plans.

Sweeten the deal

Dessert menus are not very popular when it comes to takeaway orders. But maybe they are just not given the chance. Honestly, how often do you crave something sweet after a meal.. often, right?

So what if before checking out your online ordering systems asks the guest if they would like to add to their order a piece of homemade tiramisu? After all, a takeout meal is already a cheat meal and the person placing the order is probably starving … so “yes, please”!

Don't touch this

Finally, let’s talk contactless.

Another anticipated long-term effect of the pandemic is the normalization of touchless kiosks and ordering systems. With focus on social distancing and increased cleanliness expectations, restaurants that want to adapt to the newly formed guests’ needs should adjust their dine in ordering options.

Just like contactless payments slowly but steadily became the most common payment type, contactless ordering is expected to become a normal practice especially in the casual dining segment.

Quickorder offers an mobile ordering and payment system that makes it possible for your guests to order for dine in and takeaway. It’s a corona friendly solution that reduces the contact with menu cards, payment terminals and receipts. Are you ready to upgrade your restaurant’s service, then contact us for a non-binding offer.

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