New restaurant trend: Is this the way to lower the spread of COVID-19?

Have restaurants cracked the code to a safe dining experience? Restaurants have been forced to close down multiple times for the past year.

Have restaurants cracked the code to a safe dining experience? Restaurants have been forced to close down multiple times for the past year. Lockdowns make sense when a business cannot offer a safe experience for its clients.

But what if now restaurants can offer less physical contact than in a supermarket?

Why is mobile ordering not self explanatory?

Okay, maybe it’s a bit self explanatory but what does it mean that online ordering is going to be part of regular restaurant experiences?

By now you have probably heard at least one of these terms buzzing around the restaurant industry - Mobile ordering, Online Ordering, QR ordering, Phone ordering, Web ordering, Webshop, App ordering, Contactless ordering, QR menu.

Now let’s break it down:

Mobile ordering for restaurants is every kind of online order that comes into your POS system. This order can be a takeaway order. It can be a delivery order. Or it can be an order from a table at your restaurant.

Takeaway and delivery orders have well established themselves on the market by now. Especially, after the pandemic forced restaurants to turn to takeaway if they want to stay in business. The question is - Will the pandemic force restaurants to adapt to mobile ordering?

How does mobile ordering work?

Your guests will scan a QR code with their phone and they will get access to your menu/ordering page. The guests can choose what they would like and the order will be automatically registered in your POS system. Payment is accepted upon the placement of the order.

Is mobile ordering the new normal?

A recent survey reveals that 65% of restaurant guests will not accept physical menus.

The global pandemic has made consumers very sensitive on the topic of hygiene. You can no longer pass physical menu cards from one guest to another. Neither can you print a menu for each and every guest.

Solutions like QR menus are an easy way to create a contactless and touchless experience in your restaurant and yes, it’s expected that they are the new normal.

Other advantages of mobile ordering are:

  • Limited interactions keep your staff and guests safer
  • You can update the menu at any time - Is a product sold out? Mark it instantly
  • Attract attention with images
  • Create different promotions daily

5 tips for choosing an online ordering system for your restaurant

#1 Choose a system that offers all types of online ordering

Getting an online system that supports takeaway, delivery and mobile ordering is one of the best investments at the moment. You will have a complete overview of your restaurant’s sales in real time.

#2 Choose a system that connects to you POS system

Save time and effort by choosing an ordering system that will send the orders directly to your POS system and kitchen printer.

#3 Choose a system with a loyalty program

Online ordering system that collects emails and phone numbers will help you build a loyal customer base. This will allow you to reach customers directly and will make you less dependent on third-party food delivery services.

#4 Choose a system that is mobile friendly

70% of web traffic comes from mobile phones. So make sure your ordering page is optimized for mobile phones and user-friendly. Provide your guests with a seamless ordering and check out experience.

#5 Choose a system you can customize

It’s important that your online ordering page is customized to your brand. This way you will build credibility and trust with your customers.

Quickorder Mobile ordering supports all of these requirements, plus you get 24/7 support. Contact us today and we will get you started in no time.

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