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How to train new restaurant staff in 5 steps?

Investing the time to train new staff is highly underrated. You can’t simply send your new employees out on the floor with no direction.


There is a new attraction in Stavanger

My Place was founded by a young restaurateur trio, and aims to become the leader of boba drinks in the Stavanger region. In order to achieve their...

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How to promote your takeaway menu online

The Coronavirus closed all restaurants for seated guests. However, that didn’t stop the hundreds of thousands hungry Danes.


Hybrid ordering

Is there a new ordering method that outperforms what we are used to?


What is a restaurant POS?

You have probably heard the term POS quite a lot if you are running a restaurant. But what is a restaurant POS?


Is QR-ordering threatening waiting staff jobs?

Technology has become a crucial part of the restaurant industry. People are more likely to place their takeaway order online instead of directly...

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6 restaurant’s revenue streams to try out today

Flattening the pandemic curve led to flattening restaurants’ revenues. Overnight, restaurants have been shifting from table service business plans.

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